How a Chinese seductress is using Bliss & Wisdom to undermine the Dalai Lama

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Bliss & Wisdom guru Mary Jin’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party exposed; details of her sexual and verbal abuse of monks emerge; former abbot alleges he was illegally imprisoned in PEI on her orders

21 June 2017

Taiwan, ROC – Formerly a cult leader on the run from Chinese authorities, Mary Jin seized control of Bliss & Wisdom (GEBIS) and sought to quietly replace the Dalai Lama’s influence with the Chinese-sanctioned Panchen Lama, former abbot Venerable Fan Yin says in a publicized audio recording.

Born in northeast China as Jin Mengrong (金夢蓉), which means “golden dream lotus” in Chinese, she was the second-in-charge of qigong cult Zhong Gong, which amassed millions of fanatical followers in only a few years, mesmerized by wild claims of magical powers, potions and esoteric qigong practices. Before long, the Chinese government saw Zhong Gong as a threat, and began to crack down on the cult.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Taiwan strait, a monk named Jih-Chang founded Buddhist organization Bliss and Wisdom in 1991 to promote Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan. Master Jih-Chang, after decades of learning Buddhism from different traditions, took a special liking to Tibetan Gelug Buddhism and became close friends with the Dalai Lama. Master Jih-Chang saw it his duty to spread Tibetan Buddhism among Chinese people, and began traveling to China to teach the Tibetan text lamrim chenmo. Hoping to evade the Chinese authorities, Master Jih-Chang kept a low profile and sometimes disguised himself as a lay person.

For years, he thought he was still under the radar, as far as the Chinese authorities were concerned. He was allowed to enter China and there was no indication that the Chinese knew about his activities, or his connection to the Dalai Lama. But not for long.

In order to escape persecution, Jin Mengrong became a Buddhist and gradually infiltrated Bliss and Wisdom. Using a combination of psychological manipulation, supposed spirit visitations and mysterious magical abilities, Master Jih-Chang was tricked into believing that she was an enlightened being. Master Jih-Chang wanted to appoint her as his successor, and spiritual leader of Bliss and Wisdom, against the advice of the Dalai Lama. Master Jih-Chang sent senior monks to China to teach Jin Mengrong Buddhism.

The student soon became the teacher as Jin Mengrong began to teach the monks tantric sex. Many monks lost their vows of celibacy. Jin Mengrong, perhaps trying to become the Holy Mary, concocted a scheme to give birth to Lama Tsongkhapa. The father was to be one of the monks under Master Jih-Chang. Eventually, Jin Mengrong conceived, but the baby was aborted.

Ironically, Jin Mengrong was eventually introduced as Mary Jin to the Canadian media, after she moved to Prince Edward Island.

In 2004, Master Jih-Chang, already old and sick, was poisoned by a doctor hired by Mary Jin in Xiamen, China. Some senior monks who had broken their vows of celibacy to Mary Jin, moved to cement her position as Bliss and Wisdom’s guru. With her at the helm, Bliss and Wisdom has gradually reduced their ties with the Dalai Lama, quietly replaced by lamas linked to the Chinese-appointed Panchen Lama.

Today, Bliss and Wisdom is the largest Tibetan Buddhist organization in Taiwan, with 60,000 followers in Taiwan alone and another 40,000 worldwide, mostly in Mainland China. Bliss & Wisdom also has a few thousand followers among the Chinese diaspora in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the US.

Ven Fan Yin, the first abbot of Fengshan Monastery (Bliss and Wisdom’s main monastery in Taiwan), reveals many more details of Mary Jin’s sexual and verbal abuse of young monks and novices. He also reveals he was illegally imprisoned on Prince Edward Island under Mary Jin’s orders.

Monks bowing to Jin Mengrong on her first trip to Taiwan in Mar 2015. That was the first time pictures of her were released.

Listen to the audio here (in Chinese):

Here is the full transcript (translated from Chinese; any errors are mine):

From 1996:

At that time, Mary Jin (Jin Mengrong) was the second-in-charge of Zhong Gong, and was already blacklisted by the Chinese government. Zhong Gong’s leader, Zhang Hongbao, fled to the United States but died in a car accident a few years later, orchestrated by the Chinese government.

A female friend of Li Yanzhong (李衍忠; Ven Ru Zheng’s elder brother), who lived in a house belonging to a Chinese foreign affairs official, became acquainted with Mary Jin. So Mary Jin hoped to get protection through her links with the foreign ministry. She also hoped to clean up her image by become a Buddhist. Hence, she started learning the lamrim chenmo after being introduced to it by Li Yanzhong’s female friend.

At that time, she was already married with a child/children. Her husband went crazy and she divorced him.

In Beijing, she then lived with Venerable Zhong Jin (宗進法師) (NB. not from Bliss & Wisdom), caused him to break his vows and disrobe. He became known as Mr Song Jin (宋進). Jin and Song returned to Jin’s hometown in northeastern China, Daqing (in Heilongjiang province), to open lamrim classes. They called themselves Teacher Jin and Teacher Song. Eventually, Jin gave herself the title “Guru”.

A monk from Guanghua Temple (廣化寺), Mr Li Yanping, travelled to the northeast after being seduced by Mary Jin. Mary Jin slept with Li Yanping every night. Unsurprisingly, Li Yanping and Song Jin became rivals in love. Finally, Li Yanping managed to get rid of Song Jin, and lived together with Mary Jin.

From 1998:

At Guanghua Temple, Mary Jin claimed that she was possessed by demons. Many gurus and Rinpoches were unable to help her remove the demon, she claimed. She met Master Jih-Chang, who gave her the three refuges and prayed for her. Mary Jin, while being possessed by the demon, told Master Jih-Chang that Mary Jin was Master Jih-Chang’s most important disciple in his previous lives. The demon threatened to kill Master Jih-Chang. Mary Jin then claimed she used magic to murder 10,000 demon soldiers to save Master Jih-Chang. Having been subdued by Mary Jin, and after negotiating with Master Jih-Chang, the demon agreed to become Master Jih-Chang’s spirit protector. Master Jih-Chang named him Tee Kong (提公), or Lord Tee, and enshrined him in Fengshan Monastery. Lord Tee became a very important spirit protector of Fengshan Monastery.

(NB. Other sources state that this incident happened in the year 2000).

Lord Tee told Master Jih-Chang that Mary Jin needed to be privately tutored by a senior monk, so that she could quickly regain the knowledge and powers she had in her previous life. Venerable Jing Yuan, who had just been serving as the third abbot of Fengshan Monastery for a few months, gave up the abbotship, and courageously went to northeast China to become Mary Jin’s tutor.

Mary Jin showered her attention on Ven Jing Yuan every night. This made Li Yanping very jealous. Eventually, Li Yanping complained to Master Jih-Chang that Ven Jing Yuan had raped Mary Jin. Master Jih-Chang believed Li Yanping.

By 2003, Ven Jing Yuan had clearly broken his root vows, automatically ceased to become a monk, and returned to Singapore.

Q: If Master Jih-Chang knew that so many sexual liaisons were going on, why did he allow it to continue?

A: By then, he was already firmly convinced that Mary Jin was an enlightened being and would be his successor, so he kept the sexual liaisons under wraps.

According to the vinaya, once a monk has broken his root vows, he cannot recover his status as a bhikshu even if he takes the “recovery vows” 增益戒  (note: recovery vows allow a monk to restore his vows if he has committed minor transgressions). Ven Jing Yuan took the “recovery vows” anyway so that he could pretend to be a monk. So Ven Jing Yuan is a fake monk.

Master Jih-Chang believed Li Yanping’s accusations, and was very angry that Jing Yuan raped Mary Jin. After Ven Jing Yuan returned to Taiwan, Master Jih-Chang stripped him of his senior monk status and sent him to Edu Park to oversee construction work. Jing Yuan was very upset and felt betrayed. He felt that Li Yanping had also broken his root vow, in the same way Jing Yuan did, but was let off scot free by Master Jih-Chang. Jing Yuan would bang his head on the wall every day in anger.

Around 2003, a Guru Kong (空上師) appeared on the scene. Guru Kong was a spirit which possessed Mary Jin, claiming to be Lama Tsongkhapa and sometimes claiming to be Khedrub Je. Guru Kong also gave some mysterious teachings. Guru Kong convinced Master Jih-Chang that Mary Jin was the reincarnation of Khedrub Je, and that Master Jih-Chang was the reincarnation of Gyaltsab Je. Guru Kong told Master Jih-Chang that they were only missing Lama Tsongkhapa to complete the holy trinity. Master Jih-Chang eventually sent Venerable Ru Cheng (如誠法師, of Fengshan Monastery) to create the holy baby of Lama Tsongkhapa together with Mary Jin.

At that time, many prayers and pujas were done in Fengshan Monastery to invite the Lama Tsongkhapa holy trinity (Lama Tsongkhapa, Khedrub Je and Gyaltsab Je; this trio is mentioned in the Tibetan tradition too) to be reborn in the Chinese lands.

Mary Jin became pregnant with Ru Cheng’s child. Li Yanping was enraged, and fought physically with Ru Cheng. The Chinese police were called. In the end, Ru Cheng agreed to abort the baby. Li Yanping complained to Master Jih-Chang again that Ru Cheng was treating Mary Jin badly and was abusing her.

Ru Cheng knew he had broken his root vows already, and returned to Taiwan. He sensed that something was wrong with the whole scheme, and told Master Jih-Chang that Mary Jin was a fraud. Having believed Li Yanping’s story, Master Jih-Chang was very angry at Ru Cheng for maligning Mary Jin, whom he was supposed to see as his guru. Master Jih-Chang ordered Ru Cheng to repent, kept him in confinement and prevented anyone else from talking to him. Ru Cheng was very upset and left Bliss and Wisdom soon after. After he left, Ru Cheng went all over India to report the matter to the Dalai Lama, the Ganden Tripa Rinpoche, Sharpa Choje and Jangtsey Chojey (the three main Gelug throne-holders). Many people reported the happenings to the Dalai Lama and the throne-holders in India, including Senior Brother Li (李學長 – important lay leader of Bliss & Wisdom). They felt that the scam could not go on, because it would harm a lot of people. But because there were only a few of them, the Dalai Lama and the throne-holders were not able to publicly express anything.

After leaving Bliss and Wisdom, Ru Cheng was harassed with death threats, and almost died. His mother also passed away. On the verge of a mental breakdown, Ru Cheng moved to the United States for his own safety, and is still there.

Mary Jin claimed that she pretended to get married to Ru Cheng, in an attempt to enter Taiwan. In fact, they were actually married, and had a marriage certificate. But at that time, the Taiwanese government did not allow Chinese spouses to enter Taiwan.

Mary Jin procured a fake passport which turned out to be a “spy passport” (NB. I don’t know what passport is this – maybe a stolen one already blacklisted by Taiwanese immigration?). Jin tried to enter Taiwan with this passport, was refused entry and blacklisted by Taiwanese immigration. A monk from Guanghua Temple, Ven Xue Cheng (學誠) (NB: he is now the secretary-general of the Buddhist Association of China, the most powerful position a Chinese monk can hold, and which is of course closely linked to the Chinese government , told me to beware of Jin and have no dealings with her at all. I trusted Master Jih-Chang and did not fully believe what Venerable Xue Cheng said. Because of her attempted entry into Taiwan with a fake passport, Jin had a lot of difficulty entering Taiwan subsequently. I was deceived for 20 years, and have finally put the pieces together recently.

After that, Venerable Jing Ming (淨明), Venerable Ru Xu (如旭) and Venerable Ru Qing (如清) went to China. A lot of wrongdoing happened, much of it encouraged by Guru Kong. Jing Ming and Master Jih-Chang were in China at that time, but Master Jih-Chang gave Ven Jing Ming the assurance that Guru Kong and Mary Jin were to be trusted. Out of veneration for Master Jih-Chang, Venerable Jing Ming never said anything, but felt uneasy. Venerable Jing Ming was kept away from all conversations and was not allowed to participate in meetings. He was sent out to buy vegetables at the local market every day. Venerable Jing Ming noticed something strange – Venerable Ru Cheng (如誠) was reading books about preventing unwanted pregnancies, which he found bizarre, but eventually understood much later. Jing Ming did not break his monastic vows (no sexual activity) but all the others had broken their vows, except possibly Ru Qing (如清).

Ven Ru Qing left 3-4 years ago. He knew a lot of what happened behind the scenes, and insisted on staying in Taiwan instead of going to Canada to meet Jin. Venerable Ru Qing如清 almost turned blind from an illness. I believe Jin applied black magic/poison on Ru Qing. Doctor Hsieh Hongbing (謝鴻賓) treated Ru Qing (如清) and can testify. Tiny worms were expelled from Ru Qing’s body after being treated with smoke treatment, which is believed to be evidence of black magic. Many monks suffered from mysterious illnesses – Venerable Ru Hua (如華) , Venerable Ru Qing (如清) , Venerable Ru Qi (如起) , Venerable Ru Hao (如皓). Venerable Ru Hao, after returning from the USA to disrobe, was so ill that he almost could not speak. A doctor found a bloody palm-shaped mark on my body, which many people in the sangha saw as well. Jin had many methods up her sleeve to harass, threaten and kill people. At that time, nobody knew why our illnesses were so strange and could not be treated with conventional medicine. We were told that it was because of our bad karma, that we had to confess and repent, and pray to recover.

In his later years, Master Jih-Chang had the intention of appointing Mary Jin as his successor, but Jin could not enter Taiwan. If Master Jih-Chang died in Taiwan, Jin would not have been able to become the successor, so she devised all kinds of methods to deceive Master Jih-Chang into going to China. Jin hoped that Master Jih-Chang would die of natural causes in China, under her care, so she could become his undisputed successor. She convinced Master Jih-Chang to go to China, both to teach her, as well as to recuperate from his illness. Master Jih-Chang arranged for his trusted personal doctor, Hu Maohua (胡茂華), to take 6 months leave and accompany him to Xiamen, China. Doctor Hu was sent back to Taiwan one day after arriving in Xiamen, presumably under Jin’s orders. An inexperienced doctor, who hailed from the same village as Jin, came to treat Master Jih-Chang. The doctor prescribed heavy doses of energizing medication. (NB: stimulating Chinese herbal medicine). Venerable Da Xian (大顯) was present and he can testify. Venerable Da Xian (大顯) left the sangha after master’s death as he knew the truth and dared not remain in the organization.

After Master Jih-Chang consumed the stimulants, his body reacted very adversely. His pulse turned irregular and his body turned stiff. The doctor then prescribed laxatives, which weakened him greatly and finally finished him off. He died under such circumstances. He realized then that he had been cheated and died knowing that. We saw that Master’s eyes were protruding, his stomach was bloated and we were all shocked. Mary Jin told the senior monks that Master Jih-Chang was expressing an emanation of the wrathful deity Mahakala (NB: Mahakala is a Tibetan Buddhist protector deity, an emanation of an enlightened being). We were all cheated. When Master was cremated, Jin claimed that she saw Master Jih-Chang in the form of the wrathful deity Mahakala, filling the entire sky, but none of us could see it.

We all saw that Master’s remains did not contain any relics. The supposed relics in the stupa are all fakes.  I was surprised then but suppressed my suspicions. Those who had their suspicions have all left, Venerable Da Xian (大顯), Venerable Ru Su (如速), Venerable Xing Hong (性弘) and Venerable Chan Zong (禪宗) were present and all the senior lay leaders knew there were no relics. Senior Brother Li (李學長) and Senior Brother Hsieh (解學長) became suspicious. Senior Brother Li knew the full incident, as he was the one who introduced Jin to Master. Mary Jin expelled Senior Brother Li with a lot of manufactured wrongdoings like slander, and I executed the sacking.  This is a huge scam. Master Jih-Chang was murdered. Jin started to create a fake will, claiming that she was the successor, and that Bliss and Wisdom should not disperse. This is not Master’s will. Master Jih-Chang’s will was to appoint Venerable Ru Zheng (如證) as successor, and for all decisions in the sangha to be taken by consensus (羯磨: a democratic method of decision-making laid down by the Buddha for monastic communities. Guidelines are prescribed for how to arrive at a decision, how to take disciplinary action and so forth). Master had mentioned this every year. I am not sure who has seen Master’s will, but found out later that it is now in Jin’s possession. For obvious reasons, she is not going to release it. Venerable Ru Jun (如俊) is an accomplice in this, the fake will was released bit by bit, transcribed by Venerable Ru Jun (如俊). The prayer for Master’s reincarnation – many of you still believe it was written by the Dalai Lama, don’t you? No, it was written by Venerable Ru Ji (如吉), not by the Dalai Lama.  The original prayer written by the Dalai Lama is with me, do you want to see it?

Jin subsequently appeared to take charge less often, and let the abbot Venerable Ru Zheng (如證) appear to do the talking. Jin is supporting him from behind. She took away many young novices into her inner circle.

I am not sure how much Ru Zheng (如證) knows. Ru Zheng (如證) should know quite a lot but he had to obey Jin, as he is afraid to be fixed by the Marco monks. Ru Zheng is in GEBIS now being held incommunicable. He cannot leave the GEBIS compound, every movement is monitored and reported, his passport and mobile phone are confiscated.  (NB: As of August 2017, Ru Zheng is back in Taiwan and appears to be moving around freely).

The connection with Dorje Shugden had been reported to Dalai Lama and he was not pleased at all. Many Rinpoches knew that Mary Jin is associated with Dorje Shugden.

On another note: I know Master Jih-Chang had asked for a Nyingma lama to conduct rituals for Master due to this poor health. The Nyingma lama told Master Jih-Chang that there was something suspicious in his possession, and he was to surrender it, or he would refuse to conduct the ritual. The object turned out to be a ritual instrument of Dorje Shugden, planted by Mary Jin. After the incident, another monk told me that this shows that Jin is definitely associated with Dorje Shugden. Jin put the blame on Fengshan Monastery’s first Geshe, Tenzin Gyaten (NB: invited from India by Master Jih-Chang to teach), and claimed that it was he who put the Dorje Shugden instrument in Master’s room. The Dalai Lama has all along made his position very clear that he does not tolerate any practice of Dorje Shugden by his disciples. Because Mary Jin instigated Master Jih-Chang into disobeying the Dalai Lama, his practice and health deteriorated rapidly.

Jin took many monks from the child intake (預科班) into her inner circle, grooming and influencing them as they grew up. Many senior monks were sidelined. For 7 years I was banned from communicating with outsiders. Anyone who attempted to get in touch with me was warned. That’s why you’ve had no information about me for so many years. After I contracted tuberculosis, Mary Jin had no choice but to allow me to return to Taiwan. I was prepared to die in GEBIS in PEI. I thought, if you treat me like this, I will die for you to see. My father did not know my whereabouts for 2 years, not even when he wanted to include me in his will. I was not even allowed to call my father. This is proof of my persecution.

After I returned to Taiwan for tuberculosis treatment, Ven Jing Yuan and Ven Ru Jun told the two monks who looked after me to leave me. They said, “Ven Fan Yin is useless. You have a great future, why waste it on him?” But the two of them are genuine spiritual practitioners, who would not forsake someone in difficulty. The two monks looked after me for two years until I recovered. In that period of time, Ven Jing Yuan and Ru Jun asked to two monks to join the inner circle (Marco monks), but they refused to go. They are now in GEBIS PEI, and they have no intention of joining the inner circle.  This is how they mistreat the senior monks, especially those who do not kowtow to Mary Jin.

Q: Ven Fan Yin, when all this was happening, how did you practice guru devotion?

A: At that time I was blamed for the Senior Brother Mu (穆學長) incident. They accused me of fund-raising without Mary Jin’s permission. In reality, that was not the case. In fact, she was the one who told me to do the fund-raising, and when things went wrong, she blamed it on me. Afterwards I thought, never mind, for the sake of the organization, for the sake of Master Jih-Chang, I will shoulder all the blame myself. At that time I thought, fine, if you want me to use this incident to help me grow, I will! I will practice the dharma and show you what I can do! At that time I did not see her faults at all. I was very grateful to her for helping me through. Because I almost died – I thank the Buddhas for giving me tuberculosis, so I could escape.

Q: Venerable Fan Yin, when was the turning point then?”

A: This year Rizong Rinpoche came to Taiwan to teach “Essence of Fine Speech” for three months (NB: Rizong Rinpoche, the 102nd Ganden Tripa, gave teachings from Feb-Apr 2017 at Fengshan Monastery’s Lake Mountain Campus, Taiwan). Rizong Rinpoche mentioned Bliss and Wisdom’s problems every day, such as our attachment to sensual pleasures, not genuinely exerting ourselves in spiritual development ….you know all that! Slowly, I started to wake up. I asked Venerable Ru Xing (如性) every day, “What happened? Why is Rizong Rinpoche talking about these topics all the time?” Because Venerable Ru Xing knew about many of Bliss and Wisdom’s internal problems. Rizong Rinpoche would discuss Bliss and Wisdom’s problems with Ven Ru Xing frequently. Venerable Ru Xing wanted to help Bliss and Wisdom as he was Master’s disciple (NB: Ven Ru Xing was ordained as a teenager by Master Jih-Chang in Taiwan, then sent to India to learn from Tibetan lamas. He lives in India and serves as Rizong Rinpoche’s Chinese translator when he comes to Taiwan). As time went by, he became very discouraged and felt it was impossible for things to change at Bliss and Wisdom.

From the bottom of my heart, I told Rizong Rinpoche, “I accept your advice and guidance. I would like to go into an intensive retreat under your guidance, and with the fruits of my spiritual practice, I will save Bliss and Wisdom.” Rizong Rinpoche agreed to help me. He told me that the single most important cause for Bliss and Wisdom’s problems is our incorrect guru devotion. Mary Jin’s teachings on guru devotion are not Buddhist, they are creationist and theistic, and building up a personality cult. Her teachings do not come from a pure lineage, like Rizong Rinpoche’s teachings. Rinpoche knows clearly, that all the problems we have are due to incorrect guru devotion teachings.

A few years ago, Rizong Rinpoche was already telling me this. When I was ill, Rinpoche refused to consult the oracle for me, and told me, “All these obstacles, all these problems including your illness are caused by indiscriminate guru devotion”. When I heard this, I sincerely repented and confessed my faults. Rizong Rinpoche saved me. I slowly gained trust in Rizong Rinpoche, and contemplated on his teachings. Rizong Rinpoche helped me to see the reality; otherwise, it would have been impossible.

Q: So you only connected the dots recently?

A: Yes, only recently did I manage to connect the dots. I spoke to many people, whom I am not prepared to name at this stage. For those who know the inside story, some are not willing to face reality, some have children in the sangha or in the Edu Park, and some are comfortable with the present situation. They thought hiding the truth is better for Bliss and Wisdom. If they reveal the truth, a lot of people will have their faith completely broken. Their worlds will be shattered. After what I have told you, I think you will lose your appetite for a week, and lose sleep for a week. You will have to face the agony of having your faith broken, your lives and thoughts all turned upside down. I spoke to “the elder” (NB: identity not revealed by Ven Fan Yin) and realized the truth. “The elder” knew everything, Jin spoke to “the elder” for 10 hours in Taiwan when she visited Taiwan. “The elder” saw everything, what Jin was doing in her pyjamas with those people.

(NB: “the elder” appears to be a monk or layman holding a senior position in Bliss and Wisdom)

Subsequently, I wanted to do an intensive retreat with Rizong Rinpoche, Rizong Rinpoche agreed to help and provide support. I applied for leave from Mary Jin as she is my guru. That was 2 months ago (April 2017). I even bought my air tickets and planned to leave on 10th May. She agreed, but said that I had to go and meet her personally (NB: Mary Jin was in Singapore at that time). I wanted to go, but everyone advised against it. They told me I was finished if I went – I was sure to be confined again.

So I asked to speak to Mary Jin on the phone. She ignored my request initially. Finally, I sent her a message saying that if she did not want to hear me speak, I would reveal all her secrets to the whole world. That scared her and she immediately spoke to me on video conference. I started by criticizing her closest confidants and attendants – Novice Ru Fa (如法), Venerable Ru Qun (如群), Venerable Xing Jing (性景), and Venerable Ru Ji (如吉), revealing all their faults. She scolded them one by one, hoping to allow me to vent my frustrations. The next day, I told many teachers in BW Edu Park that I am leaving again. The teachers in Edu Park were very worried, because I practically evaporated from the surface of the earth for 7 years after going to Canada to meet Mary Jin. They wanted me to stay, so I could continue guiding them.  Venerable Xing Chang (性長) advocated on their behalf – “The teachers are asking me, what if you get confined again?”, asked Ven Xing Chang. I said I can practice in isolation if I am confined again. Every adverse situation is an opportunity to practice. Just like her transgression of the vows – her behavior is teaching me how to discriminate between right and wrong.

Subsequently, all the teachers present in the meeting were warned. Mary Jin’s confidants named and shamed by me in the video conference wanted revenge. In the second video conference, Jin summoned Ven Xing Chang and I, and interrogated me angrily, “Why did you say I would confine you? This will cause many people to lose faith in me”. It can destroy her reputation. She kept scolding and scolding non-stop. I told her that was not the case, I did not tell them I would be confined. Many teachers knew about what happened seven years ago, and were concerned for me. It was Ven Xing Chang who asked me what I would do if I were confined. So I answered them honestly. Mary Jin was enraged. She said, “How could you answer like that? You should have said, you were not going to be confined.” She asked Ven Xing Chang angrily, “How could you ask that kind of question?” So Ven Xing Chang asked her, “Then what is the correct answer we should give?” That made Mary Jin even angrier, and she went on and on. Finally, it became obvious that Ven Xing Chang was against them. More on this next time.

At the third video conference, all senior monks were present, about 30 of them in Lake Mountain Campus. Jin told all of them, “The organization is in a mess now”. Jin is starting to get worried. She called Secretary-General Huang (NB: Sec-Gen Huang was appointed as the highest-ranking lay leader of Bliss and Wisdom in 2014/15, and held the position for two years before quitting. Before his appointment, he was a Buddhist but not a follower of Bliss and Wisdom) seeking a solution, “The organization is messy now, Ven Fan Yin and Xing Chang are too powerful and influential, what can we do about it?”. Sec-Gen Huang answered, “You have to face the reality now, shouldn’t you?” It was obvious that Jin was panicking and understood the crisis on hand. Not even Sec-Gen Huang could help her.

Jin tried to soothe the emotions of the senior monks by imploring them to be patient, to practice gratitude, and not to be like Ven Xing Chang. I asked, “Guru, we have something to say, the vinaya dictates that monks are not allowed to live under the same roof as women. Everyone knows this, and Rizong Rinpoche has even chastised you in the US, telling you not to live with monks and novices.” Jin started to cry and said, “They cannot leave me. If they leave me, how will they live.” It is obviously an excuse, she is the one who cannot live without them. This is a flagrant violation of the vinaya rules. When Jin heard this, she asked angrily, “What do you mean? Are you trying to drive me away? Where do I live if I don’t live here?” I said I wasn’t trying to chase her away, that I was very grateful to her contributions to this organizations and had great faith in her, but I told her, “Please do not live together with monks and novices.” Mary Jin said, “Who said we are living together? We are only living in the same building”. They are actually living on the same floor in expensive bungalows. Anyway, whatever she said was just a stone-walling tactic.

To show his support for her, Venerable Ru De (如得) started crying dramatically, and spoke a lot. It was all for show. Those are all her trusted lieutenants. Even Ven Ru Zheng (NB. former abbot) came out to say that it was very difficult for her to be the guru, she is going through a lot of difficulty for our sake….after that, I said, “Ven Ru Zheng! That’s not what you say in front of me. During the entire process you were badly abused by Ven Ru Qun and his gang, you came crying to me every day!” When he heard that, his face turned black, everyone was laughing. That’s what the monks are like now – always saying what they don’t mean.

So Mary Jin asked, who else is unhappy about her living arrangements?  I said, many people outside the organization are criticizing us. A lot of people are asking me questions, and I don’t know how to answer them. So she asked, who has heard about this, who has doubts? Some people raised their hands. These people will definitely be warned and brainwashed.

The very next day, Venerable Jing Ming (净明) left hastily, because Mary Jin ordered him to go to PEI immediately. Venerable Jing Ming (净明) sensed the impending crisis, gave her an excuse and escaped. Subsequently, Jin said hysterically in an internal video broadcast, “No matter where you are, even if you travel to the ends of the earth, I will look for you.” (NB. can be interpreted as signaling concern, or a veiled threat that Mary Jin will hunt him down). She’s a very good actor. She would always start by saying, “I am here today all because of Jing Ming and Fan Yin, it was because they supported me as their guru. I will always be grateful for their contribution and support. I miss them so much. I treat them so well, why did they want to leave?” And she also said, “What Jing Ming and Fan Yin are doing is wrong. It shows that something is wrong with their guru devotion. Wherever Ven Jing Ming goes, I will look for him!” So they left no stone unturned in hunting down Ven Jing Ming.

The Dalai Lama knows all about her transgression of the vows and all her wrongdoing. But we ourselves have to take the initiative to speak to the Dalai Lama about it, so that he can express his stand. We have to remain united, and be strong enough to bring her down within the organization before the Dalai Lama can publicly state his position. If the Dalai Lama only hears from Venerable Ru Cheng alone, he has insufficient evidence and support to make his stand public.

Eventually we discovered that Mary Jin needs a new man every night. She would summon a monk or novice after 12 midnight, telling them that she had some tantric practices to teach them. She has many different methods of persuasion, such as telling the monk how they were a loving couple in a previous life, how he was a king and she the queen, or that she has special tantric techniques to help treat your illnesses. The monks who’ve left Bliss and Wisdom can testify.

Now we have to think about how to report this to the Dalai Lama, how to combine and co-ordinate our actions, and figure out our responses to her.

Anything that Jin gave out, such as pendants, praying beads, and her hymns can cause headaches and nausea. Many sensitive people have these reactions. It’s best not to accept them.

The Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party are behind her.  The transmission of the Four Interwoven Annotations came from Harwa Rinpoche, who is in cahoots with the Chinese government.  He belongs to the Chinese Panchen Lama’s system. Their goal is to control Bliss and Wisdom, breaking the lineage away from the Dalai Lama and swinging it to the Panchen Lama in China, while sucking away Taiwanese money at the same time. It is estimated that they have sucked away about NT$8 billion, from the time Master Jih-Chang passed away until now. Senior Brother Mu’s affair was also a scam.

Venerable Hsing Yun (NB. Ven Hsing Yun is one of the most renowned Buddhist leaders in Taiwan. He is the founder of Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaoshiung, Taiwan) received her visit with great fanfare, when she came to Taiwan the first time. The reason is that when Venerable Hsing Yun visited China, he was told by someone in the CCP that he was to expect a representative from them, and he was to show his support to her. We have verified this. Ven Hsing Yun’s disciples were quite unhappy about this, because this was very unusual.

Jin Mengrong meets Venerable Hsing Yun on her first trip to Taiwan

Her identity is clear now. We are all cheated, including Master Jih Chang, and everyone in Bliss and Wisdom, since 1996. As the saying goes, “Relying on the wrong teachings will break all the roots of virtue”. For all the wisdom Master Jih-Chang had, he was cheated as he did not heed the Dalai Lama’s advice. Pabongka Rinpoche was a wise man, but the same thing happened to him too as he did not heed his guru’s advice. When Dorje Shugden appeared in various manifestations in front of him, even as benevolent deities, he was deceived and believed them to be real. His guru knew it was a scam. His guru tried to help him, and wanted him to burn all ritual instruments connected to Dorje Shugden. Pabongka then deceived his guru that he had done so. So Pabongka fell very ill as a consequence of it. The Dalai Lama told me this story about Pabongka. A lot of problems arise when people don’t trust their gurus, and instead trust Dorje Shugden. Just like Master Jih-Chang, who preferred to trust Mary Jin instead of the Dalai Lama.

Dorje Shugden appears to be a dharma protector, but is in fact an evil demon. Just like Mary Jin, who came up with a Lord Tee – it’s a demon too.

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About Bliss & Wisdom

A devoted disciple of the Dalai Lama, Taiwanese monk Master Jih-Chang founded Bliss and Wisdom in 1991 to promote Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan. After he passed away in 2004, a lady linked to the Chinese government, Mary Jin, has been installed as BW’s guru. BW now has over a thousand monks and nuns, as well as 100,000 followers worldwide, mainly in Taiwan, Mainland China and the overseas Chinese diaspora. In Taiwan, BW is the largest Tibetan Buddhist organization and has the largest bhikshu sangha.


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