Audio – Q&A session with Ven Fan Yin, Ven Jing Ming & Bro Li Yanzhong


Ven Fan Yin, Ven Jing Ming and Brother Li Yanzhong organized a question-and-answer session recently, and have published the audio recording online. Brother Li Yanzhong is the elder brother of former Bliss & Wisdom abbot Ven Ru Zheng, and was on the Bliss & Wisdom senior lay committee many years ago until he was expelled for harboring doubts about Bliss & Wisdom guru Mary Jin. At that time, Ven Fan Yin carried out the expulsion under the orders of Mary Jin. After leaving Bliss & Wisdom, Ven Fan Yin has visited Brother Li and apologized to him, reconciling after years of misunderstanding.

In the question-and-answer session, the two monks and Brother Li revealed more about how Mary Jin came to be the successor, as well as how Bliss & Wisdom gradually changed after Master Jih-Chang’s passing. The monks mention that in the early years, Master Jih-Chang emphasized trust and self-discipline as the cornerstone of vinaya practice. However, after Mary Jin took over control of the organization, the atmosphere in the monastery has been debauched into distrust and suspicion, with monks spying on one another and going through each others’ personal belongings and even their trash.

An incident was one reported on one of the blogs:

Three monks who are taking care of a senior elder have been chased out of Hushan Campus. Yesterday night (15 Jun 2017), Xing O, Xing X and Xing Y were forced to abandon an elderly monk in their care and leave the monastery.

Venerable OO told a pre-ordinate (anagarika) that if he wanted to leave, he could speak to Ven Xing O. Xing O did not sense anything untoward and enthusiastically assisted him with arrangements. Xing O gave the pre-ordinate a detailed analysis of Mary Jin’s problems. The pre-ordinate secretly recorded the conversation and presented it to Ven Ru D in an attempt to win favor.

Ru D commanded a large number of monks to surround the elderly monk’s room, forcing him to leave and demanding to inspect the belongings of the three monks. The three monks refused to comply. Xing O called the police. Xing O’s mother had hired a moving company to move their belongings, so the movers helped the monks protect their belongings from inspection. The stand-off lasted from 1pm in the afternoon to 9pm, when they successfully left the monastery. The whole process was as exciting as a movie.

Your correspondent has independently verified that incident as true. The three monks are Ven Xing Chang, Xing Ke and Xing Rui, and the elderly monk they were forced to abandon is the octogenarian Ven Jing Tong. Because they were ostracized by the other monks for many years, and there were previous instances of other monks sneaking into their room to search their belongings, Ven Xing Chang, Ke and Rui installed a burglar alarm in their room years ago. Even with a burglar alarm, there was an incident where they discovered a pair of footprints on a table, with a ventilation window prised open.

Here is the original recording (in Chinese):

And partial transcripts in Chinese:

文字稿 – 淨明和尚與梵因和尚談福智僧團_真相大公開之三

文字稿 – 淨明和尚與梵因和尚談福智僧團_真相大公開之四

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